What is the normal repair turnaround time?

Painted 2 weeks, No paint 1.5 weeks (estimated times)

Appointment needed for drop-offs?

Only for OC1, OC2 and Kayaks. Other surfboards, SUPs, windsurf boards, foil boards and kite boards don't need appointment.

How is the paint color match on a painted repair?

We try our best to do it as close as possible. some colors are easier that others, so we cannot guarantee a perfect match. 

What if my board is water logged?

The repair area needs to be completely dry before we start our repairs. Sometimes it can dry in a day, sometimes in several weeks. We recommend bringing the board for repair once its dried.

Should the wax be removed before bringing it in for repair?

That would be ideal, but is not mandatory. 

Should fins and leash be removed?

Yes, all fins and leashes should be removed.