What is the difference between Production / Hollow Molded / Hand Shaped?
What is the price for a custom hand shaped board?
Price is based on board length.
$275/ft for full carbon Epoxy vacuum bagged lay ups.
$375 additional for Active Steering System (A.S.S)
Hand-glassed Fiberglass SUP with wood stringer surfboard are $1350 for 9’ and under and add $100 per foot thereafter.

What colors are available for the molded boards and the deck pads?

What is the difference between the Bullet 14 v2 and v3?

What is the difference between the Bullet17 v1 and v2?


What is the difference between the F-16 v2 and v3?


What is Ultralite?

What is the Standamaran concept?
This twin hull SUP is your ultimate sleek paddle machine. It’s the fastest and most stable exploration toy. Due to the 2- 16’ long, 8” narrow amas, it excels like no other board in confused waters. The stealth like characteristics have next to no friction in either smooth or confused bumpy seas, upwind, downwind or cross breeze wind conditions. The dual rudder steering makes it maneuverable. Maui Made out of full carbon with a hollow epoxy vacuum construction (approximately 28 lbs).

Do I need a steering system in my board?
No, in ideal condition you do not. But …… with a side breeze or longer journeys you probably wish you did. Not to mention the safety aspects of getting to your destination. With our steering system, one can paddle in a more straight line, on both sides equally and more effectively. Using a steering system is easy. Moving the tiller with your toes to the left steers your board to the left, and vice versa. When not used, a fiberglass spring batten brings the steering in a neutral straight position. The board is rigged with the tiller on the right for goofy footers or left for regular footers. All custom shaped boards can be ordered with dual plumbed cable conduits. For resale value, dual plumbing in a board make sense. Dual plumbing cost an extra $25. All molded boards are already standard dual plumbed.

What is a lock off screw for my steering system?
This small knurled screws that can lock-off the rear steering pulley into a fixed fin position. Most 14’ SUP races only allow fixed fin set-ups; so disengaging the ASS is required. Available upon request.

What accessories can I add to my board?

  • EZ Grab handle (+$60)
  • Regular 'slot' type handle 
  • Carrying loop inserts 
  • Cargo Net w. Bungee cord (+60)
  • Anti-theft conduit (accommodate cable lock) 
  • Mast Track for windsurfing 
  • Board Bag (SIC $100 - $250)
  • Fin (Spitfire or Surf or Weed) 
  • Paddle (Battle, Maliko, Glide)

Where can I order replacement parts?
If you got your board from us, email us service@sicmaui.com
For broken or bent rudders please USPS part to:
SIC, 875 Haliimaile Road,  Makawao,  HI 96768.
Call 808 572 7728 for pricing.
Please include return address and payment.
If you purchased a production board from SIC please contact warranty@flow.com


How long is the waiting time?
After an $800 deposit is received the usual production list in fall and winter is 2 months and it grows in spring and summer up to 5 months.

How can I make a down payment? 
Call in with your Visa or Mastercard informationSend check via USPS orclick hereto submit order with down payment through Paypal  


What are the shipping costs?
Plywood crating (recommended for East coast or International shipments) are $330 for 16’ + boards or $300 for shorter boards.
Hybrid Cardboard/Plywood packaging is $150. 
The following shipping estimations are just that: estimations.  
Air cargo 14' board : Inter-Isle $50, West $350, East $600, Inter. $1200.
Shorter boards and Ocean/Surface service is more affordable.


Can I see a sample of finished products?


Can I try a board before I buy?
Yes, contact Scott at the Aloha SUP Connect. alohasupconnection@gmail.com
If you like a model and want to place an order we will pick up half your rental fee. :)


Can I stop by and see your operation? 
Yes, we would like to show you around. We see the custom order experience as a fun process for you! Pictures, sketches and other samples to promote clear communications can help with the desired end results. Note: Some proprietary systems are for our eyes only.


What are your factory hours of operations?  
Mon-Fri 8-4, Sat 8-Noon. Click HERE for directions.