Our Terms & Conditions are broken down into 3 categories:

  • Custom Board Deposit Refund
  • New and Used Item Refund/Return
  • Rental Cancellation Policy
Please contact us directly at (808) 572-7728 if you have any questions!



    The deposit is refundable until the board is started (a 20% Processing fee will be deducted).



    For boards and accessories that are paid for in full online, there is no refund. An exchange is possible depending on the circumstances.



    Cancellations more than 48 hours before the booked rental date, will receive 50% refund. If the cancellation is less than 48 hours before booked rental date, there is no refund.


    Rental Liability Release:

    Ding King Fiberglass Works. / d.b.a: SIC, Sandwich Islands Composites, SIC Maui Custom,  Test/Demo Release of Liability Agreement

    This Document includes Warnings and Assumption of Risk, Indemnity and Release of Liability Agreements
    I accept full responsibility for the care of all Ding King Fiberglass Works Test/Demo equipment provided to me today. I understand the equipment’s proper use and maintenance, will check all components before each use, and will not use the equipment if any parts are worn, damaged or missing.
    I understand that this equipment may include pre-production or prototype samples at various design and manufacturing stages, which may have not been thoroughly tested or subjected to quality control. I understand there may be design and/or manufacturing deficiencies or defects in these samples and that this could lead to breakages, lack of appropriate product performance and other unexpected dangers. I understand that paddle boarding includes inherent, manmade, natural and other RISKS of DEATH or INJURY to any part of my body that reasonable care, caution, instruction, and equipment cannot eliminate. I know that these risks may also involve docks, boats, water conditions, tides, wind, and/ or other persons. I agree to abide by all local rules and regulations including but not limited to right-of-way as provided for by the USCG. I freely and expressly assume and accept all such risks.
    I agree to follow all instructions and protocols provided by Ding King Fiberglass Works personnel. I agree to maintain my own health and dental insurance for the duration of this agreement and in the event of any injury or sickness to seek coverage and reimbursement only from such policies.
    I understand that this equipment being used forms all or part of a SUP or Paddle Board system, which does NOT REDUCE OR ELIMINATE THE RISK of injuries to any part of my body. I agree to wearing a U.S.C.G approved PFD (personal flotation device) at all times and that the wearing of such a device will NOT ELIMINATE THE RISK of any injuries or death from drowning or otherwise even in shallow water.
    I agree to forever release Ding King Fiberglass Works owners, manufacturers, distributors and agents (collectively “suppliers”) from and expressly indemnify them (defend and hold suppliers harmless for any attorney’s fees, costs, settlements and/or verdicts that result from any claims or lawsuits, involving the use of this equipment) for any liability or responsibility for any and all injuries or damages, whether or not such injuries or damages are caused by any negligence, breach of warranty, product defect or by any other cause. I agree NOT to ever make any claim for any damages against or sue suppliers for any damages or injuries relating to the use of this equipment. I accept full responsibility for any such injuries or damages. I understand that suppliers provide NO WARRANTIES express or implied and that this equipment is accepted “AS IS”.
    I have carefully read this Agreement, including the Warnings, Assumption of Risk, Indemnity Agreement and Release of Liability paragraphs and understand them fully. I am aware that this is a binding legal contract, which completely releases suppliers from any liability or any claims, which may arise from the use of this equipment. I understand that if any part of this Agreement is held void or unenforceable the remainder will remain in full force and effect.


    Please contact us directly at (808) 572-7728 if you have any questions! Mahalo!