Bullet 17v3, v2 & v1 - Deposit

$ 800.00

The Bullet 17v1 is meant for rough open ocean crossing. It has a bit more nose rocker than the v2 (thus more forgiving in tighter swell periods).

The 17v2 has a higher volume, lower nose rocker and is meant for experienced heavier riders. It is oriented towards lighter wind downwind conditions. At 28" wide, its a board that helps your balance and let you use all your energy for catching bumps. 

The NEW 17v3 and 17V3 XL have a intermediate rocker between the v1 and the v2. The V3 has less volume that both v1 and v2, but the V3 XL has about the same volume as the other versions. The outline towards the nose is very narrow. this helps to keep speed and control when punching through the water. Its the perfect board for a wide range of downwind conditions. 


*Note: Ultralite saves 2 lbs

F.A.S.T. is Foot Actuated Steering Technology 

Our custom options allow you to make a one of a kind board. All we need is $800 deposit to get started, producion takes between 2 - 5 months depending on the time of year. Changes can easily be made, and all details can be worked out after deposit is placed.

Our very popular Bullet 17.4 w/F.A.S.T. is available as a production board from sicmaui.com.

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