Standamaran - Deposit

$ 800.00

This twin hull SUP is your ultimate sleek paddle machine. It’s the fastest and most stable exploration toy. Due to the 2- 16’ long, 8” narrow amas, it excels like no other board in confused waters. The stealth like characteristics have next to no friction in either smooth or confused bumpy seas, upwind, downwind or cross breeze wind conditions. The dual rudder steering makes it very maneuverable. 

Length : 16'

Width : 28"

Weight : 29 lbs.

Steering Included

*Note: Ultralite saves 1.5lbs

Our custom options allow you to make a one of a kind board. All we need is $800 deposit to get started, production takes between 2 - 5 months depending on the time of year. Changes can easily be made, and all details can be worked out after deposit is placed.

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