Malana OC-4 - Deposit

$ 2,000.00

In the Hawaiian language, Malana translates to buoyant and light.

At S.I.C. we translated that into a lightweight, composite 4-man outrigger canoe. The Malana design emphasizes a narrow hull for slicing through the water. The bottom contour is less curved than a typical surfing canoe. Its a great paddling canoe, ideal for coastal runs with friends or family. High gunnels prevent water from entering the canoe resulting in more paddling, less bailing! This canoe is made entirely of composite materials.

Iako : Wood/Composite laminate
Ama : high volume, molded
Fully rigged weight: approx. 105 lbs. 
2 cargo compartments

No steering
Length : 26'
Width : 20"

*Note: Ultralite saves 15 lbs

All we need is $2000 deposit to get started, production takes between 2 - 5 months depending on the time of year. Changes can easily be made, and all details can be worked out after deposit is placed.

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